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08th May, 2017.

Lee authored insightful articles that talk about Robert Friedland Vanadium Quotes, Death of Uranium, Dollar Breaks Down Rising Yields ...

When Robert Friedland Talks Vanadium, I Pay Full Attention

08th May, 2017.

May 08, 2017 by John Lee, CFA (https://twitter.com/johnlee25893955?lang=en) Mr. Robert Friedland is the recipient of the 2017 Northern Miner’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and when the legendary mining billionaire offered his rare insights on vanadium in a recent interview with The Northern Miner, I paid my full attention. Mr. Friedland ...

Death of Uranium and Renaissance of Vanadium (in Energy Storage)

17th March, 2017.

March 17, 2017 by John Lee, CFA (https://twitter.com/johnlee25893955?lang=en) I have owned shares of uranium mining companies in the past, anticipating the inevitable rebound of nuclear energy following the Fukushima nuclear plant accident. However, through my recent research into the renewable energy sector and vanadium batteries, I became ...