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17th March, 2017.

Lee authored insightful Death of Uranium, and Renaissance of Vanadium on Mar 17, Dollar Breaks Down Rising Yields, is Wholesale US Treasury Dump Coming? on Feb ...

Renewables with Vanadium Batteries to Reshape $27 billion Off-Grid Energy Market

23rd January, 2017.

January 23, 2017, John Lee, CFA While the cost of renewable energies such as wind and solar have come down greatly in recent years, low availability continues to handicap renewable energy in certain energy markets. In this article, I will examine the great growth opportunities in renewable energy for vanadium batteries in the $27 billion off-grid ...

Whack-A-Mole: Dollar, Interest Rates, Equities, Commodities, Gold in 2017?

05th January, 2017.

With US major equity indices near all time high, investors concluded 2016 with great optimism. A new era is dawning with Trump’s US presidential election victory in November. The US Dollar Index broke through the psychological 100 level, reaching a decade high as investors chased rising yields and subscribed to the prospect of an improving ...