Gibellini (Primary Vanadium)

0.5% vanadium doubles the strengths of steel.

Vanadium Steel Re-bar

Safeguard buildings from earthquakes and floods


Critical element for high tech and aerospace alloys.

Vanadium Batteries

Vanadium redox battery poised to be the leading choice for grid scale energy storage
Corporate presentation

Vanadium Pentoxide:

Flake 98% China

Ferro Vanadium:

80% Europe







Prophecy Development Corp (TSX: PCY, OTC: PRPCF) owns Gibellini mining project – the only large-scale, open-pit, heap-leach vanadium project of its kind in North America. Located in Nevada, Gibellini is currently undergoing EPCM and EIS preparation. With global vanadium supply declining and demand increasing, this is the right project at the right time. Prophecy has no bank debt and approximately 95 million shares outstanding.

Gibellini Vanadium Project Timeline

Prophecy is managed by mine builders with combined over 100 years of industry experience.

Advise from PCY Chairman (1min)
Q&A with PCY Chairman (3min)
PCY CHairman on Vanadium vs Rare Earth (5min)
Vanadium & Gibellini Introduction Video (5min)


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Gibellini (Vanadium) : Nevada

Permitting stage with open pit & conventional heap leach operation. Low risk pure Vanadium play, Low Fe, MgO, P, S, other deleterious items.